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Bed room | Nantucket, MA
Bed Room | Nantucket, MA


Where to stay is the most frequently asked question when coming to Nantucket. We personally inspect each of the properties we recommend. From historic bed & breakfast inns to five-star luxury hotels on the water, we can assist you in finding the Best accommodations to suit your needs.

If you require a home rental, we will refer you to an experienced realtor on Nantucket who will give you personalized care in your rental options.

Advance reservations are recommended. In the summer season, pre- and post-season months (May-June & September-October), and holiday weekends, a 2- to 3-night minimum is required at many of the inns and hotels; most places require full payment at the time your reservation is made. Best of all, our assistance incurs no additional fees when we make your reservations.